...because there are many great and strange things in his book, which are reckoned past all credence, he was asked by his friends on his death bed to correct it by removing everything that went beyond the facts. To which his reply was that he had not told one half of what he had actually seen!
— Dominican friar Jacopo d'Acqui, Imago Mundi, on the death of Marco Polo

About Chad

Chad Brecher was born in Long Island, New York in 1972, the youngest of three sons. From an early age, two things captivated him: science and literature. After studying to become a physician (attaining degrees from Brown University and Brown University School of Medicine, and later training at Harvard Medical School and Johns Hopkins Medical Center), he settled with his family in suburban Philadelphia. There, he completed his debut novel, The Lost Book of Wonders, a fast-paced thriller that brings together his interests in science, history, and religion. Brecher continues to write in his free time, creating stories that aim both to entertain and to educate.


Book Synopsis

Venice is sinking.

As engineers struggle to save the city from its watery fate, a metal chest is discovered beneath the surface of a murky canal. Tossed into the waters in 1355, it contains the long-lost possessions of none other than the famed explorer Marco Polo. When the chest is brought to light, its discovery stirs an ancient society from the shadows of history. Convinced that Polo died without revealing all he found during his voyage to the East, the society will stop at nothing to collect the pieces of the puzzle Polo left behind.


While on a mission to recover looted artifacts in war-torn Iraq, Dr. Eleanor “Ellie” Griffin, an expert in pre-Biblical and Biblical archeology, happens upon an unusual wooden box. When her expedition goes horribly wrong, Ellie is left broken, but with the box. Determined to uncover the significance of this mysterious find, Ellie teams up with Alex Stone, a precocious graduate student, and soon, the two embark on a journey that takes them across the world in pursuit of the greatest treasure imaginable, a prize searched for and dreamed about since the beginning of time.


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